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Calm Sea

Experiencing excessive anxiety or uncontrolled worries?

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy with Laura Kirk

Start online CBT individual or group therapy

Worry is like a rocking chair. 
It will give you something to do, but it won’t get you anywhere

Online CBT Therapy Services

Tailored sessions, specialised for:

Generalised anxiety disorder

Instead of letting anxiety debilitate you, we'll work together to give you back control.

Worrying and mental health

We use the cognitive approach to get on top of worries and stop the worry chain.


When negative thoughts spiral out of control, a CBT session can help you to rebalance.

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If you think cognitive behaviour therapy could be for you, just contact me directly!

Calm Sea

Hi, I'm Laura!


PG DIP in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy in Secondary Care – BABCP accredited 180614

BSc in Social Work

BABCP logo.png

Qualified CBT Therapist

My area of expertise is focused on your worry process. I deliver online high intensity CBT therapy on Teams, Zoom or Skype, which provide discreet and convenient treatment to suit busy lifestyles.

Currently working for a leading organisation in mental health, I have extensive experience in recognising how debilitating worry can be on your mental health.


My professional background is working in addiction and rehabilitation. I have worked with families of people with addiction, to treat co-dependency.

About Laura
Sad on Couch

Experiencing anxiety?

Worrying excessively?

Feeling out of control?

How CBT helps

How CBT can help...

My area of expertise is anxiety and, in particular, worrying.


This is often ‘labelled’ as Generalised Anxiety Disorder or GAD, this form of psychological difficulty can be time consuming, distressing and have a detrimental impact on quality of life. 

It can cause you to feel anxious about almost everything and anything for no apparent reason.  It can make you feel out of control, and that you can’t stop worrying and can sometimes feel quite dangerous to your mental and physical health.​


Benefits of online therapy

Individual sessions

You're able to conduct your session in the comfort of your own home - no childcare, travel or parking outgoings required.


This option is flexible and supportive of disabilities or mobility issues, whilst also being time saving and private.

Group therapy sessions

Group sessions are a cost effective option, helping you to build relationships with other people who suffer from similar issues. In a group, you'll be able to support and learn from one other, holding each other to account whilst benefiting from a wider range of perspectives and improved social skills.


The best project that you will ever work on is.. YOU.

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